lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

conversation with a 3 year old...

-x: he is taking medicine to a fire rescue mom
-me: who?
-x:the eagle...or hawk (pointing at a painting in the wall of an eagle flying up, holding a shield and an olive branch)
-me:probably some burnt remedy?
-x:some herb, or root..."chinacea"...berry...(mumbling words i dont understand)..yes, he is on the way to help
-me:whats the shield for?
-x:the wings burn fast, he shields wings so dont burn like "that guy" (i assume he remembers Icarus)
-me:of course, makes total sense because..
-x: (interrupts) shh hear that? (ambulance getting close)
-me:maybe they are going to the same rescue?
-x: no, they are a team going to an avalanche rescue...

continues eating his dinner...