domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017


I feel compelled to speak up about food today because i guess is the one other thing i care, after my family, friends and planet. I will start by saying i cant stand ignorant fat farts that try to disregard the importance of food, specially "leaders" that have a herd of idiotic zombies that will agree with anything they say without questioning the rationality and coherence behind imbecile statements like: "the way someone's body functions has nothing to do with whether the individual intellectually or visually or in any way "recognizes" an ingredient." 

Imbecile comments like the last one are the reason why a lot of  people out there live in a pink bubble of comfort and careless existence. Which is fine with me, I mean, we are an overpopulated planet, if you want to shorten your life and die fast, hey, there is enough people to take over the air and resources that your fat existence will release once you die. But then you also have the oblivious part of the population who blindly follow mainstream media, drs, and ignorant leaders and wonder why their mental and physical health suck. They are the ones that will end up paying thousands of dollars in diets, medical care and .... you know what, whats the point? my rant and feelings about this matter ultimately dont matter at all, im gonna stop right here  and stop caring about such, i mean, i guess they eat for a greater good, the food and pharmaceutical industries will profit from it.

if you are reading this, and you feel offended, i am sorry, offense is taken, not given though, by now i hope you know that there is a healthy way to splurge in all sorts of luscious flavors, that our bodies all are different and different diets are for different people, everything is best in moderation, and so far the bestest diet that has worked in our household is (as even as i can possibly be) a mix of vegan raw & cooked, paleo, weston a. price and nourishing tradition diets, i know, it makes no sense, one is opposite of the other, they believe different things blah blah far so good, we rarely, maybe once a yr or so get a three day cold, everybody is strong, active body and mind, most of it cooked from scratch, organic, slowly adding stuff from my garden.

i wish you good health!
sorry if i got too angry in the beginning, i was just feeling passionate


lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

conversation with a 3 year old...

-x: he is taking medicine to a fire rescue mom
-me: who?
-x:the eagle...or hawk (pointing at a painting in the wall of an eagle flying up, holding a shield and an olive branch)
-me:probably some burnt remedy?
-x:some herb, or root..."chinacea"...berry...(mumbling words i dont understand)..yes, he is on the way to help
-me:whats the shield for?
-x:the wings burn fast, he shields wings so dont burn like "that guy" (i assume he remembers Icarus)
-me:of course, makes total sense because..
-x: (interrupts) shh hear that? (ambulance getting close)
-me:maybe they are going to the same rescue?
-x: no, they are a team going to an avalanche rescue...

continues eating his dinner...